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Where can I withdraw my coins to?

You can withdraw your coins achieved in Coinfree to any crypto wallet you have, just be sure that your wallet address matches the coins type. We recommend you to use Boolwallet.

How to get more Points in Coinfree?

You can use Tickets to get Points in Lucky Wheel. To get more Tickets, you can complete daily tasks or invite more friends to sign in Coinfree. More Tickets will help you get more Points.

Why I can't watch video for Tickests?

Every day you get two chance to watch a video for some Tickets. Sometimes it may take time for video to preloaded, please check your network and wait patiently when the video is loading.

Can I get Points from my friends?

Yes , of course. You can give your account ID to your friends and ask them to send Points to you at Pocket page.

Is there any fee charged when withdrawing?

There is one free time without any charges for withdrawing coin every week. When free time used, you have to pay some fee according to the coin you are withdrawing.

How can I get Redeem code?

To get Redeem code, you can joint our telegram group for more information. Redeem code tasks are on the way to launch.

How to earn coins

How to win big prizes in coinfree?

Many users' feedback from the Coinfree say that since coinfree has been released, they could reconsider their first choice in the phone.

Why I can’t get my original Points ?

There is an issue you probably interested in it. That’s why you did not get your “points” which has been earned in BoolWallet when you go to play in Coinfree app.

What’s the coinfree?

Coinfree is one of BoolWallet properties. So if you want to know coinfree, we must talk this story started at 2 years ago.

Why get points so hard in coinfree?

Franky, it’s not easy to earn points in coinfree, because you can buy box directly in coinfree and get bigger prizes than before, so you get points hard, but get prizes by points is easier.