How to win big prizes in coinfree?

Many users’ feedback from the Coinfree say that since coinfree has been released, they could reconsider their first choice in the phone.

Totally yes. Creative work also appealed to us irresistibly. The coinfree is all new and wonderful crypto world for everyone who interested in crypto and love to playing.

In a word, the simple way to win prizes in coinfree just by points you earned.

The path is to earn enough tickets, then use tickets to exchange points, then play games for more points, finally you can buy box directly, the high level box cost you more money, but it’s not real money, points is money here.

You can earn tickets everyday in daily task center. Download and open coinfree app, tap and enter “Daily Task” page, you can check all tasks in this list menu, try your best to earn more tickets.

Now you have enough tickets at least not zero, you need to exchange it for points. Tap the lucky wheels and use your tickets spin more times in your Fortune!

Now you can explore the game to win more points likes i spent the remainder of the afternoon in play. We design and develop so many funny games and exciting bets in game center. You can try to bet some points for more.

It’s gorgeous and amazing game. Of course not the only one you can play.

Also you can challenge the daily bonus for top10 in leisure game. You’ll have 5tickets cost in every game. So you can use tickets as ID verify if you don’t want to use it in slot to win points. Daily bonus in Top10 is also okey for you.

Next step, you get some points. You should buy best box try you best. It is an important step of system innovation! Use your points to exchange boxes in box shop!

The more points can earn more prizes obviously, and some box has a little possibility to win prizes, but don’t worry, you can collect more points before you buying it, so you can buy the expensive one brings huge prizes to you ! The Diamond Box and Legend Box has 100% sure you win USDT, you can buy BTC or do what you want to do.

Then you can withdraw coins to your own wallet. You can use Trust wallet or BoolWallet to manager your cryptocurrency, it’s on you.

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