Why get points so hard in coinfree?

Franky, it’s not easy to earn points in coinfree, because you can buy box directly in coinfree and get bigger prizes than before, so you get points hard, but get prizes by points is easier.

And you also should know what’s the main reason affects the difficulty of earning points.

In general, it has 3 mainly reasons. Revenue in local area, Google admobs algorithm.(You can search it in Google help you know more about it if you don’t know totally)

Let’s make it clear. Coinfree has been released over the world, but we only recommend users come from EU and USA and a little other countries to play because revenue is really low in other countries. Such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh has almost 0.00001$ per ads video. By the way, you should know this is difficult time for all business, so revenue already down to half even in this epidemic.

So please consider more, we try our best to provide better service but it not equals free coins everyday when you have a few contribution.

Get points hard means your area has low or no ads revenue from Google, so it’s not our fault when you think get a little money back.

Actually, we already provide more than 50000$ since we have those features. And we decide to let people get bigger prizes when get points hard. So we would rather congratulate you when you open big box than give you so many points but get nothing from box.

Wish you stay heathy and enjoy life in coinfree,don’t regard it as millionaire-make machine.

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