Why I can’t get my original Points ?

There is an issue you probably interested in it. That’s why you did not get your “points” which has been earned in BoolWallet when you go to play in Coinfree app.

The reason is simple, the BoolWallet is different with Coinfree, the Points has higher values in Coinfree, and never win Points in box shop from Coinfree, so it’s different numbers even they have same name.

I can promise you you can get bigger prizes in Coinfree than BoolWallet before. Because we decide to spin off “earn coin” features, and you can play games and enjoy coins earning in Coinfree!

So, maybe you want to know further, what’s way you can consider for spending points of BoolWallet. Users early learned the usefulness of Points. You can go continue playing games in BoolWallet use points.

On contrary, the development of features in Coinfree provides abundant measures that can be applied into earning coins in task center. 

Among these measures, daily sign and watch videos is one of the most valuable researches. 

So earn points in coinfree! You can get surprise when you buy new box!

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