The new beginning for CoinFree

The CoinFree has been likened to a war, though one against a advertiser, not other humans. Like a war, it is reshaping the structure of revenue and demanding huge increases in market spending and promote support. It will certainly bequeath far bigger cost.

In the past a few months, we’re always discussing so many tools or good solutions help us get positive response and let users get what they what.

But the truth is not that optimistic as well. The revenue from Ads down to 20% normal. Not only distribute we prize from the revenue, but also subsidy even more. But users can’t stop complaining ultimately. Meanwhile, so many companies dismiss and reduce spending become the first theme in their schedules in this epidemic.

We try our best to finish the design of product, but we still need to wait the better time and reopen the original plan which is active and attractive.

Does this mean the question of whether this App must end in epidemic has to be answered in the affirmative? No, but this is possible.

We need to talk from recent conditions. We entered this crisis with high levels of investing , and big prize different with the previous one.

But there is someone who always try to figure out the button which can kill our patience. Last week, more than 10 users cheated the program and try to withdraw more than their balance.

We did not get the answers from this owner who account for this action. That’s big loss for all of us.

Boolean team decide to focus mainly attention on our finance features and design more valuable components as so far.

So the CoinFree will be suspended, it won’t restart until we get ready well. We won’t give up this product names “CoinFree”, but we will stop operations this time of turmoil.

We have no reason to maintain it if users aren’t satisfied with it and so do us.

By the way, we suggest you to use BoolWallet as usual to get better wallet service and finance service! All new features are coming soon.

Have a good day, may God bless us!

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