The new beginning for CoinFree

The CoinFree has been likened to a war, though one against a advertiser, not other humans. Like a war, it is reshaping the structure of revenue and demanding huge increases in market spending and promote support. It will certainly bequeath far bigger cost.

In the past a few months, we’re always discussing so many tools or good solutions help us get positive response and let users get what they what.

But the truth is not that optimistic as well. The revenue from Ads down to 20% normal. Not only distribute we prize from the revenue, but also subsidy even more. But users can’t stop complaining ultimately. Meanwhile, so many companies dismiss and reduce spending become the first theme in their schedules in this epidemic.

We try our best to finish the design of product, but we still need to wait the better time and reopen the original plan which is active and attractive.

Does this mean the question of whether this App must end in epidemic has to be answered in the affirmative? No, but this is possible.

We need to talk from recent conditions. We entered this crisis with high levels of investing , and big prize different with the previous one.

But there is someone who always try to figure out the button which can kill our patience. Last week, more than 10 users cheated the program and try to withdraw more than their balance.

We did not get the answers from this owner who account for this action. That’s big loss for all of us.

Boolean team decide to focus mainly attention on our finance features and design more valuable components as so far.

So the CoinFree will be suspended, it won’t restart until we get ready well. We won’t give up this product names “CoinFree”, but we will stop operations this time of turmoil.

We have no reason to maintain it if users aren’t satisfied with it and so do us.

By the way, we suggest you to use BoolWallet as usual to get better wallet service and finance service! All new features are coming soon.

Have a good day, may God bless us!


Why get points so hard in coinfree?

Franky, it’s not easy to earn points in coinfree, because you can buy box directly in coinfree and get bigger prizes than before, so you get points hard, but get prizes by points is easier.

And you also should know what’s the main reason affects the difficulty of earning points.

In general, it has 3 mainly reasons. Revenue in local area, Google admobs algorithm.(You can search it in Google help you know more about it if you don’t know totally)

Let’s make it clear. Coinfree has been released over the world, but we only recommend users come from EU and USA and a little other countries to play because revenue is really low in other countries. Such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh has almost 0.00001$ per ads video. By the way, you should know this is difficult time for all business, so revenue already down to half even in this epidemic.

So please consider more, we try our best to provide better service but it not equals free coins everyday when you have a few contribution.

Get points hard means your area has low or no ads revenue from Google, so it’s not our fault when you think get a little money back.

Actually, we already provide more than 50000$ since we have those features. And we decide to let people get bigger prizes when get points hard. So we would rather congratulate you when you open big box than give you so many points but get nothing from box.

Wish you stay heathy and enjoy life in coinfree,don’t regard it as millionaire-make machine.


Why I can’t get my original Points ?

There is an issue you probably interested in it. That’s why you did not get your “points” which has been earned in BoolWallet when you go to play in Coinfree app.

The reason is simple, the BoolWallet is different with Coinfree, the Points has higher values in Coinfree, and never win Points in box shop from Coinfree, so it’s different numbers even they have same name.

I can promise you you can get bigger prizes in Coinfree than BoolWallet before. Because we decide to spin off “earn coin” features, and you can play games and enjoy coins earning in Coinfree!

So, maybe you want to know further, what’s way you can consider for spending points of BoolWallet. Users early learned the usefulness of Points. You can go continue playing games in BoolWallet use points.

On contrary, the development of features in Coinfree provides abundant measures that can be applied into earning coins in task center. 

Among these measures, daily sign and watch videos is one of the most valuable researches. 

So earn points in coinfree! You can get surprise when you buy new box!


Coinfree User Agreement

The Coinfree confirms with the user about:

When the user clicks the “Agree and Create account” button on the Coinfree signin page and completes the registration process and obtains the Coinfree account and password, it is deemed that the user and the Coinfree have reached the “Coinfree User Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement”). All the terms of the this agreement are reached for the user entering the Coinfree and using the corresponding asset management service of the Coinfree.

Coinfree and users have carefully read all the terms and conditions in this agreement, and have known, understood and accepted the contents of this agreement, and agree to use it as the basis for determining the rights and obligations of both parties.

. Definitions

1.1 The “digital assets” in this agreement referred to:

Includes international digital assets in use, including but not limited to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other digital assets., all digital assets published by Coinfree so far and in the future.

1.2 The “Coinfree” in this agreement refers to:

A product used for digital asset operation and management, or the service of digital assets storage and management provided to users through this product.

1.3 The “User” in this agreement refers to:

Registered members of Coinfree who accept and agree to all the terms of this agreement, and the legal terms and operation rules of Coinfree published and updated from time to time.

1.4 The “User Registration” in this agreement refers to:

The process that user signs in the Coinfree and confirms to fulfill the relevant user agreement.

Ⅱ. User Service

2.1 Service Content

2.1.1 Users have the right to browse and check the latest changes of their own digital assets in Coinfree, and have the right to submit withdraws instructions and complete the operation of digital assets withdraws through Coinfree;

2.1.2 Users have the right to view their own information of their account in the Coinfree, and the right to use the functions provided by the Coinfree for related operations;

2.1.3 Users have the right to participate in online activities organized by Coinfree in accordance with the rules of activity published by Coinfree;

2.1.4 Other services provided by Boolwallt for users.

2.2 Users promise to abide by the following Coinfree service rules:

2.2.1 Users shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, rules, regulatory documents and policy requirements, including but not limited to ensuring the legality of all digital asset sources in the account, and shall not engage in illegal or Other activities that harm the interests of Coinfree or third parties, such as sending or receiving any information that violates the law, regulations, public order and customs, infringes on the rights and interests of others, sending or receiving multi-level marketing materials or other harmful information or speech, without the authorization of Coinfree or Fake Coinfree email header information, etc.

2.2.2 Users shall properly use and keep his Coinfree account and password, security password, and mobile phone verification code received by the mobile phone. The user is fully responsible for any operation and consequence of using his Coinfree account and password, fund password, and mobile verification code. When the user finds that the Coinfree account, password or security password, verification code is used by an unauthorized third party, or there are other account security issues, he should immediately effectively notify Coinfree and request Coinfree to suspend the service. Coinfree has the right to take actions on such requests from users within a reasonable time, but does not bear any responsibility for the loss that the user has suffered before taking action in Coinfree. The user shall not give away, borrow, lease, transfer or otherwise dispose of the Coinfree account to others without the consent of Coinfree; Coinfree will also strictly take corresponding technical measures to protect the user’s account and personal information, including but not limited to adopting professional encrypted storage and transmission of user password-related information. At the same time, Coinfree will use relevant security technologies to ensure that the information will not be revealed, misused and altered. However, please note that although Coinfree will do its best to protect users’ account and information, there are no absolute security measures in the case of the Internet.

2.2.3 The user shall abide by the user agreement and other terms of service and operating rules published and updated by Coinfree from time to time.

Ⅲ. The Rights and Obligations of Users

3.1 Users have the right to accept the digital asset services provided by Coinfree in accordance with this agreement.

3.2 Users have the right to terminate the use of the Coinfree service at any time.

3.3 Users have the right to withdraw digital assets in the Coinfree at any time, but they need to pay the corresponding transaction fees to the blockchain network.

3.4 Users shall not interfere with the normal operation of the Coinfree by any technical means or other means, or interfere with the normal use of the Coinfree by other users.

3.5 Users do not have the right to request Coinfree to provide other users’ personal information or Coinfree related operating information, unless the judicial authorities or government departments require Coinfree to provide it according to laws and regulations.

3.6 Users must not maliciously discredit the goodwill of Coinfree by fictional facts, etc.

Ⅳ. The Rights and Obligations of Coinfree

4.1 If the user does not have the registration qualifications agreed in this agreement, Coinfree has the right to refuse the user to register, and cancel already registered member account. Coinfree has the right to claim compensation for the loss caused by there users. At the same time, Coinfree reserves the right to decide whether to accept user registration under other circumstances.

4.2 Coinfree reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate a Coinfree service, and the right to modify or discontinue the Coinfree services without informing the user. When Coinfree terminates one or more services, the effects of termination starts on the date the termination notice is posted on the website.

4.3 Coinfree has the right to correct any error found in any information Coinfree display the information.

4.4 Coinfree should take the necessary technology and management measures to ensure the normal operation of Coinfree, and provide the necessary, reliable services.

4.5 Coinfree protects users’ digital assets through measures such as strengthening technical investment and improving data security. It is obliged to notify users in advance when users’ digital assets have security risks that Coinfree can foresee.

4.6 Coinfree has the right to keep user’s registration information and other information used during Coinfree services after the termination of using Coinfree and this Agreement. The information includes but not limited to account information, transaction information and etc. All information should be used properly according to this agreement, and must not be used illegally.

4.7 Coinfree reserves the right to delete the content and information that does not comply with national laws and regulations, normative documents or any terms of this Agreement, Coinfree do not need to notify the user in advance when exercising such rights .

4.8 Through effective legal documents confirmed existence of illegal users or violation of this Agreement or Coinfree discretion of user existence of illegal acts or violation of this Agreement, Coinfree has the right to publish the user’s violations in Coinfree and take actions of including, but not Limited to termination of service and permanent prohibition of use.

V. Special Statement

To the extent permitted by law, no matter what the circumstances, Coinfrees are responsible for information network equipment maintenance, information network connection failures, computer, communication or other system failures, power failures, weather reasons, accidents, strikes, labor disputes, riots , Uprisings, riots, insufficient productivity or means of production, fires, floods, storms, explosions, wars, bank or other partner causes, the collapse of the digital asset market, government actions, judicial administrative agency orders, other force majeure or the inaction of third parties. Coinfree is not responsible for the inability or delay of service, and the loss should be taken by users on their own.

Ⅵ. Intellectual Property Rights

6.1 All intellectual property in the Coinfree includes, but not limited to, the Coinfree logo, database, APP design, text and graphics, software, photos, videos, music, sound and combinations of the foregoing, software compilation, related source code and software (Including applets and scripts) are owned by Coinfree. The user shall not copy, alter, copy, send or use any of the foregoing materials or content for commercial purposes, otherwise Coinfree will pursue for legal liabilities.

6.2 All rights of the name Coinfree (including but not limited to goodwill and trademarks, logos, designs) are owned by Boolean Inc.

6.3 When the user accepts this agreement, it is deemed that the user has voluntarily published the copyright of any form of information published in the Coinfree, including but not limited to: reproduction rights, distribution rights, rental rights, exhibition rights, performance rights, screening rights, broadcasting Rights, information network dissemination rights, filming rights, adaptation rights, translation rights, compilation rights, and other transferable rights that should be owned by the copyright owner are exclusively and freely transferred to Coinfree, and Coinfree has the right to pursue liabilities and obtain Full compensation. This agreement is valid for any content protected by copyright law published by users on Coinfree, whether the content is formed before or after this agreement is signed.

6.4 Users may not dispose of the illegal use of intellectual property rights or Coinfree or assets used in the service process. The user shall not publish or authorize other websites and media to use the information published in the Coinfree in any form.

Ⅶ. Change and Termination of the Agreement

7.1 Changes to the agreement:

Coinfree reserves the right to change the contents of this agreement or other service terms and operating rules published by Coinfree at any time. When it is changed, Coinfree will post a notice in a prominent position within Coinfree, and the change will take effect when the notice is released. If the user continues to use the services provided by the Coinfree, it is deemed that the user agrees to such content changes. If the user does not agree with the changed content, the user should cancel the Coinfree account and stop using the Coinfree service.

7.2 Termination of the agreement

7.2.1 Coinfree has the right to cancel the user’s Coinfree account in accordance with this agreement, and this agreement will terminate on the date of account cancellation.

7.2.2 Coinfree under this agreement have the right to terminate all Coinfree service, all of this Agreement in Coinfree service terminates on the date of announcement;

7.2.3 After termination of this agreement, users have no right to request Coinfree to continue to provide any service or perform any other obligations, including but not limited to, requirements for Coinfree for to retain or disclose any information on Coinfree account to the user, or forward any information they have sent or never read to the user or a third party;

7.2.4 The termination of this agreement does not affect the party in breach of the agreement to investigate the breach of liability.

Ⅷ. User Information and Privacy Protection

8.1 Application

8.1.1 When using the APP Coinfree, or view Coinfree website, Coinfree will automatically receives and records the user’s browser data and cookies, including but not limited to, IP address data and user access to web history requirements.

8.1.2 Relevant data collected by the Coinfree for users to perform operations in the Coinfree, including but not limited to records of transfer in, transfer out, and etc.

8.1.3 Personal information of other users obtained by Coinfree through legal channels.

8.2 Use of information


No additional consent of the user is required, when a user’s successfully registered in Coinfree, it is deemed to be the user’s consent with Coinfree to collect and use various types of users information. As listed in the above terms, the user understands and agrees that Coinfree can use collected Information for purposes including, but not limited to: Provide users with Coinfree services; Report to relevant authorities based on the requirements of relevant government authorities; When the user uses the Coinfree service, the Coinfree uses the user’s information for customer service, security prevention, fraud monitoring, archiving and backup purposes to ensure the security of the products and services provided by the Coinfree to the user; Help Coinfree to design new products and services and improve the existing services of Coinfree; Coinfree transfers or discloses user information to any unrelated third party in order to complete a merger, division, acquisition or asset transfer; Software certification or management software upgrade; Data analysis of cooperation between users and government agencies; For other purposes authorized by the user and for legitimate purposes;

8.2.2 Coinfree will not sell or rent your personal information to any other person, except with the prior authorized users. Coinfree also does not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell or disseminate personal information of users by any means.

8.2.3 To enable users to enjoy the services provided by the Coinfree better, user acknowledge and consent Coinfree to authorize their personal information to other third parties for verifying the authenticity of the user information and the provision of credit services to use.

8.3 Coinfree will keep user identification and transaction information confidential, and the information shall not be provided to any other users and third parties, unless required by regulation, laws and other legitimate uses.

Ⅸ. Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer

9.1 The user acknowledges and agrees that under no circumstances will Coinfree be liable for the following:

9.1.1 Digital asset is devalued;

9.1.2 Business interruption;

9.1.3 Loss of digital assets expected to be saved;

9.1.4 Loss of information;

9.1.5 Loss of opportunity, goodwill or reputation;

9.1.6 Damage or loss of data;

9.1.7 The cost of purchasing alternative products or services;

9.1.8 Digital assets die out or exit the market;

9.1.9 Any tort (including negligence), indirect, special or incidental loss or damage of any breach of contract or other causes, regardless of whether such loss or damage was reasonably foreseen by Coinfree, whether Coinfree was informed of the possibility of such loss or damage in advance.

Terms 9.1.1 to 9.1.9 are independent to each one.

9. User acknowledges and agrees that the Coinfree is not liable for any of the following cases that may lead to compensation for any user’s responsibility;

9.2.1 Coinfree has reasonable grounds to believe that the user’s specific operation matters may cause major violations of laws or breach of agreement;

9.2.2 Coinfree has reasonable grounds to believe that uses have allegedly illegal or improper behavior in Coinfree;

9.2.3 Loss or Fees caused by purchasing or obtaining any data, information or transactions and other actions or behavior through Coinfree;

9.2.4 Users’ misunderstanding of the services of Coinfree;

9.2.5 User information is leaked, damaged or lost not due to a Coinfree;

9.2.6 Due to user’s personal reasons, the objective address was entered incorrectly when transferring assets, or the user’s own address was incorrectly entered when withdrawing assets, etc.;

9.2.7 Due to personal reasons of the user, the exchange address was entered incorrectly when transferring to the exchange, regardless of whether the transfer was successful;

9.2.8 Any other loss related to the services provided by Coinfree, which is not caused by Coinfree;

9.3 Coinfree can not guarantee complete security of all information contained in the application,  programs, text, etc., without interference with or containing any viruses, Trojan horses and other malicious programs. So when users sign in, use any service or download and use the download procedure, information, data, etc. it is the personal decision of the user and should bear their own risks and possible losses.

9.4 Coinfree does not make any guarantees and commitments on any information, products and services of any third-party websites linked by Coinfree, and any other form of content that is not the subject of Coinfree. If the user uses any services, information and products of the third parties, it is the personal decision of the user and should bear all responsibilities therefore.

9.5 Coinfree provides users of the service without any warranty either expressed or implied, including but not limited to, no errors or omissions, continuity, accuracy, reliability, fitness for a Specific use. At the same time, Coinfree does not make any promises and guarantees on the validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, completeness and timeliness of the technology and information related to the services provided by Coinfree. Whether to sign in or use the services provided by Coinfree is the user’s personal decision and the users should bear their own risks and possible losses.

9.6 The guarantees and commitments states above in this agreement are the only guarantees and statement of Coinfree service. And to replace any other guarantees and commitments stated by other ways and means, whether written, oral, explicit or implicit. All these guarantees and representations only represent Coinfree itself, and do not guarantee any third party’s compliance with the guarantees and commitments in this agreement.

9.7 Coinfree does not give up to the fullest extent of the law applicable restrictions and rights that this agreement did not mention, or may eliminate or offset the liabilities for digital asset loss and damage.

. Liability for Breach of Agreement

10.1 If Coinfree or any user violates the any term of this agreement, it constitutes a breach of agreement, and the breaching party shall bear the breach liability to the defending party.

10.2 If the user violates laws and regulations or this agreement, or engages in illegal activities by using Coinfree or Coinfree services, Coinfree has the right to immediately terminate the provision of Coinfree services to him, cancel its account, and request compensation caused by user himself.

10.3 Users with technical means to interfere with the operation of Coinfree or interfere with other user’s normal use of Coinfree, Coinfree has the right to immediately cancel their Coinfree account, and thus entitled to demand compensation for damages caused to Coinfree.

10.4 If users’ fictional facts, malicious actions, etc. may damage goodwill of Coinfree, Coinfree has the right to request a public apology to the Coinfree, and demand for compensation for loss caused by their behavior, and the right to terminate services provided by Coinfree .

10.5 Due to user violation of this Agreement or by other file reference into this Agreement, or the violation of the law, regulations, rules, government regulatory documents or infringement on the rights of third parties, the third party put up a claim against Coinfree and its founders, employees, and agents for any loss (including but not limited to the legal costs and The cost of hiring other professionals), the user must bear compensation liability to Coinfree and its founders, employees, agents for the loss.

. Dispute Resolution

This agreement applies to the laws in Hong Kong district. If no law or regulation applies, the general international commercial practise should be referred.

. Taking effects and Interpretation of Agreements

12.1 This agreement takes effect when the user clicks the ” Agree and Create account” button on the Coinfree sign in page to complete the registration process and obtain the Coinfree account password. It is legally binding on Coinfree and the user.

12.2 If some terms of this service agreement are deemed invalid, it will not affect the validity of other terms of this service agreement.

12.3 All the titles of this Agreement is set only for convenience and have no real meaning, can not be based on for interpreting meaning to be ignored in the interpretation of this Agreement.

12.4 Boolean Inc. has the final interpretation right of this service agreement.


How to win big prizes in coinfree?

Many users’ feedback from the Coinfree say that since coinfree has been released, they could reconsider their first choice in the phone.

Totally yes. Creative work also appealed to us irresistibly. The coinfree is all new and wonderful crypto world for everyone who interested in crypto and love to playing.

In a word, the simple way to win prizes in coinfree just by points you earned.

The path is to earn enough tickets, then use tickets to exchange points, then play games for more points, finally you can buy box directly, the high level box cost you more money, but it’s not real money, points is money here.

You can earn tickets everyday in daily task center. Download and open coinfree app, tap and enter “Daily Task” page, you can check all tasks in this list menu, try your best to earn more tickets.

Now you have enough tickets at least not zero, you need to exchange it for points. Tap the lucky wheels and use your tickets spin more times in your Fortune!

Now you can explore the game to win more points likes i spent the remainder of the afternoon in play. We design and develop so many funny games and exciting bets in game center. You can try to bet some points for more.

It’s gorgeous and amazing game. Of course not the only one you can play.

Also you can challenge the daily bonus for top10 in leisure game. You’ll have 5tickets cost in every game. So you can use tickets as ID verify if you don’t want to use it in slot to win points. Daily bonus in Top10 is also okey for you.

Next step, you get some points. You should buy best box try you best. It is an important step of system innovation! Use your points to exchange boxes in box shop!

The more points can earn more prizes obviously, and some box has a little possibility to win prizes, but don’t worry, you can collect more points before you buying it, so you can buy the expensive one brings huge prizes to you ! The Diamond Box and Legend Box has 100% sure you win USDT, you can buy BTC or do what you want to do.

Then you can withdraw coins to your own wallet. You can use Trust wallet or BoolWallet to manager your cryptocurrency, it’s on you.

Any good ideas? Tell us by Message or contact us in face meeting.


What’s the coinfree?

Coinfree is one of BoolWallet properties. So if you want to know coinfree, we must talk this story started at 2 years ago.

The too many frauds deepened on those days when blockchain gradually dire straits because the innovation no more or it’s too difficult for users.

That’s the reason why we decide to develop our team in 2018. In a special day for the blockchain market we believe, a series of the proposals and the best roadmap that appear more than 10,000,000 people between blockchain market attracted we began to commenced on a technical innovation, that’s no one tried before.

The first phrase comes from a safe, simple, and cost-effective way helps us create the BoolWallet, the first version of BoolWallet deserted the complicated gimmick, we even not use Mnemonic word when people create their account. But the importantly, we spend and invested a lot of time and energy to reinforce safety, the technology manager has rich defense experience with mobile and server service. We realized that we should not evade the responsibility for safety, we can’t foist it on users without good experience.

Simple is beautiful, we want to invite all guys interested in blockchain join this, enjoy and create their first account with no tedious and difficult process.

Over time, BoolWallet(website: has a lot of users now, and also we manager a huge sums in it, meanwhile we have to consider more features about finance, such as Swap/Market price/News and so on.

So the highlight is we must begin the new journey if we want to invest more funny games for users. Let’s make it clear, there are some users don’t like play games in wallet while another people think we should provide more games and more tasks to help them win more free coins. None of you there is nothing wrong, the only and perfect solution is we need to carve-out the mainly features in “Earn coins”, contains more games, more bets, more tasks, and no doubt more coins. Which enhances the value of itself.

We call it “CoinFree” , and create the first home for him: .

CoinFree is one of BoolWallet properties, born in the same office , has the same parents. It’s wonderful innovation again! Feng Kite, chief executive, said it was “one of the most important decisions we have ever had to make”. is an website and also App. You can find more interesting tasks and exciting games with fun challenges. Get rewards from ranking league, finish daily tasks and claim what’s you gonna have, users can in most circumstances claim rewards.

So, if you want to use the pure wallet with safe, beautiful, rich, I will recommend the BoolWallet to you. You still can play some games for leisure time while we’ll add more financial characters for you, make it more convenient in your blockchain life. Such as Market price and crypto news.

In addition, you must try the CoinFree if you want to earn coins for free, are completely free to play as much as they like. It’s amazing step for us.

You can use your account which register in BoolWallet to sign in CoinFree with no limit, the CoinFree account is compatible with BoolWallet’s account.

Wish you have a fun!


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